Ukulele Lessons in Stockport

Ukulele is a unique instrument due to it's size, accessibility and ability to be played casually or professionally

Why Ukulele?

Ukulele is a great instrument to learn for a multitude of reasons.

  • Some people choose Ukulele because it’s small and doesn’t take up much room around the house
  • It’s inexpensive (although you can spend quite a bit on the really nice ones!)
  • It’s easy to start learning (although it can require just as much application as other instruments to master!)

All quite nice and sensible thoughts if you’re not sure how musical you really are!

  • Ukulele is also just a great sounding instrument in it’s own right

Beginner Ukulele Lessons

With the above in mind, a lot of students who take my ukulele lessons in Stockport are beginners with no previous musical experience with any instrument. This is something I enjoy because it means we can learn from the ground up and get things right first time. It’s definitely fun to help unlock a totally new skill in a person too.

As with the other instruments I teach I always focus on learning songs by artists that my students know and want to play. Every song out there can be played on Ukulele even if it was written for a different instrument originally.

The Ukulele Community

One of the things that exist for Ukulele for which there seems to be no real comparison is a local community of players that get together to play and sing songs.

Both Stockport and Levenshulme have active, weekly/fortnightly Ukulele groups. I go along to the Levenshulme one regularly with one of my Ukulele students and the atmosphere is very relaxed and there are players of all abilities.

Once we’ve got a few chords under your belt it is absolutely possible to get involved with this.


Why do I play Ukulele?

After ten years of playing electric and acoustic guitar I began to branch out and learn other stringed instruments – particularly the Banjo and Ukulele. I love music in general and when I’m happy to spend all my spare cash on beautiful guitars, buying a Ukulele seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

Thankfully the learning process is a lot quicker than for a complete beginner due to the transferable skills – strumming, fingerpicking and fretting – that have already been learnt. Picking up new information such as chord shapes and scales also comes quicker for similar reasons. This can work for Ukulele players too if they ever want to try another stringed instrument.

Due to my interest in old delta blues music my Ukulele style has gravitated towards fingerpicking and a blues repertoire.