Banjo Lessons in Stockport

5 String Scruggs / Bluegrass style, Two Finger Old Time / Folk Styles and Tenor Banjo!

Please note that I am currently not taking any more Banjo students as my weekly schedule is almost entirely full! I am however happy to receive your details and put them on my waiting list – I can then notify you should there be an opening.

Thanks, Andy Hammond.

I teach 5 String Banjo and Tenor Banjo lessons from my home address in Stockport. You can find my Rates here and Contact details here.

5 String Banjo

The history of this instrument is pretty extensive and there are a lot of different playing styles to choose from. Scruggs / Bluegrass is the most common and well known fingerstyle but plenty of modern players are currently adopting the Banjo and choosing Two Finger and Folk fingerstyles as a realistic alternative. Quite different to all of these is the Clawhammer / Frailing technique which can create a very different effect!

After years of playing complex fingerstyle guitar I realised that, with a little adapting, I had learnt the fundamental skills to play Banjo to a high standard. My preferred fingerstyle is Folk but I find that I generally teach both Scruggs and Folk picking in equal measure, mainly because Scruggs is such an important and authentic part of the history of the instrument and is still in wide use today.

Tenor Banjo

Tenor Banjo shares many traits with it’s 5 string cousin but in the end they are played and sound very different to each other. It is most commonly plucked with a plectrum and focuses heavily on single note solo and melody playing.

The Tenor Banjo has been used in many different music styles but in the UK it is mostly associated with Traditional Irish music and this is usually what my Tenor Banjo students are interested in learning.